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Conflict over water

Holbibi Pahlavonova is 42 years old with three sons. She’s the main breadwinner in her family.
‘My husband is disabled…

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Life saving water

Bunafsha Nasreddinova is 44 and has six children. She lives in Delolo village, Muminabad District. Bunafsha’s husband and…

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Promoting good hygiene and sanitation

Asalmoh Idieva is 46 years old. She has worked with the TajWSS project as a sanitation worker since…

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Water supply helps to start small business

Parvina Rahmonova is 26 lives in ‘Delolo – 2’ village, in Muminabad district. She is a housewife with…

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Woman leader

Mainoro Gulova is 49 years old and lives in Shululu village of Muminabad district. She has seven children…

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Safe water – safe future!

Our car travelled along a hilly road to one of the villages where a big water system was recently constructed. …

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Water Trust Fund

A water fund to support new investment in water supply

Water Trust Fund (WTF) is one of the key components of Tajikistan Water Supply and Sanitation Project, which will serve as a tool for funding water supply and sanitation projects at a district level.

As envisioned, introduction of WTF in pilot districts - Rudaki and Muminabad will result in attracting significant funding resources to build and rehabilitate water supply and sanitation infrastructure in the districts while improving access to potable water for local population. The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Tajikistan accepted the initiative of TajWSS project to co-finance the construction of water supply projects in the selected districts from the state and local budgets.

Successful implementation of WTF activities will also provide opportunities for Rudaki and Muminabad districts to attract new donor funding in the future.


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